What is a Travel Intrapreneur (at Ventura TRAVEL)?

 Definition of Travel Intrapreneur

Our Intrapreneur program is designed for people with an entrepreneurial mind who want to show the world of what they are capable without having to start from zero and build everything from scratch.  In order to do that you will start or take over a proper touristic branch within Ventura TRAVEL and become the decision maker for this brand.

This picture sums up the idea of our program pretty well we believe:

Will I be an employee or an Entrepreneur?

You’ll be right in the middle of the two. The longer you will be leading your ventura brand, the more it will feel like being an Entrepreneur. At the beginning, while you receive trainings and get on-boarded it will feel more like an employee.

Compared to tradicional employment contracts, you will have much more freedom and a bigger role in the decision making process regarding:

  • where you will work and where you will set up an office for the ventura brand (we don’t expect you to build it up in the ventura HQ in Berlin, but you can if you think it makes sense)
  • the name of the new ventura, the logo, the vision of the brand
  • employment decisions in your team
  • as Ventura’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to succeed in travel, you’re voice is very important for overall Ventura strategy decisions
  • if the new brand requires a new company to be started (because for example in the location we don’t have an office yet) you would become the general manager of this company

Compared to starting your own company, there are some aspects, that are rather typical of being employed (compared to starting your own company):

  • you don’t have to invest any proper money (your investment is your brain)
  • you get a decent salary right from the start and will participate both in the success of your brand and the success overall of Ventura TRAVEL
  • you are not a shareholder of the Ventura (find out in this article why intrapreneurs don’t get equity)

What do you mean by “new brand” or “niche market” that an Intrapreneur is responsible for?

Ventura TRAVEL’s mission is to create niche market leaders in authentic & responsible travel. This mission is written in stone, so whenever your niche idea has nothing to do with authentic & responsible travel, we will not be able to invest in this niche. Our goal is to create one brand for each niche we decide to enter.

This niche can be a destination like South America, India or South East Asia or it could be a niche for a specific travel type, like bicycle travel or food travel. A new brand could also focus on a specific customer segment like family travel or single travel, etc. We don’t have a fixed mindset of what is a niche and what not. If in doubt, submit your idea and we take a look at it and give you fast feedback.

Are you a good fit for the Travel Intrapreneur program?

We are looking for people with passion for tourism,  ideally for people with passion for a certain type or certain niche within tourism.  If you have proven in your past to have successfully organised trips in the niche.

Do you have a proven success record in your travel niche? This is a great sign, that you are a good fit. Our applicants tend to have worked in the business for several years already, some for dozens of years within a successful company. But the feel the need to take a new, big step in their career, to show their true potential. If you feel like this, it’s a good sign, that you are a good fit.

We prefer candidates that do not only have experience in the key activities of their proposed business (for example experience negotiating with DMCs, designing trips, publishing astonishing itineraries, training tour guides, etc.) but also have a wide touristic network.

If you like to be in charge of everything, this program is probably not a good fit:

The program is made for Team Players.

If you like to succeed with a team, than we believe you are a good fit. The idea of the program is that you can focus on the touristic product and its sales & organisation. While Ventura TRAVEL is putting their muscles in IT, Marketing, HR, Design, Finance & Legal.

So you can focus on everything where key niche knowledge is crucial, Ventura TRAVEL provides you the framework for everything else, where we can rely on experiences and success from other niches/brands.

Let me visualize this with 2 photos of your Intrapreneur Jonathan, who started the brand “puraventura”.  Below you can see a photos of Jonathan with his first 2 employees: Marion & Elodie:

They´re a great team, but a rather small team to take care of all the day to day challenges that you encounter as a starting company.

And this is what it looks like if you have the support of the Ventura Team. Right from the start you have support form our IT experts, you have access to our back-end software, you will get a new shiny, responsive, well designed website adapted to your needs, you will have the support of the worlds best (and most fun) finance team; and you will work hand in hand with Andre, the CEO of Ventura, who will make sure you get all the resources and support you need to succeed.

What are your benefits for Ventura?

Why is Ventura bothering to offer such a program? Other companies would just start a department, then start to employ the right people and then start the business. The simple answer: we strongly believe in travel specialists and people being able to build up an organisation around their passion.

When you want to eat Thai food and you have the choice to go to a Thai restaurant or a restaurant that serves Italian, Thai and Mexican food, which restaurante would you prefer? Most likely the Thai restaurant, because they specialize in Thai food and therefore it’s more likely that you have an authentic experience.

We see the same in travel. We live in a world, where a few global touristic corporations have gained more and more market share. The quality of their touristic offer is far inferior to that of specialists in the destination. But those specialized operators can’t compete in Marketing, Finance Processes, video productions, technical solutions or in data science with those global players and therefore are not visible to a lot of travelers.

Ventura TRAVEL on the other hand, as a group of specialists  can centralize these areas and in order to compete with those global players. Find more background about the idea and birth of Ventura TRAVEL here.

If these sounds appealing to you please check out our Careers page. We are always open for applications, either to start a new brand as a Ventura Intrapreneur or within an existing brand to extend the reach of that brand to a new source market.

Browse through the Ventura Careers.

Update: Find out how many people applied, how hard it is to become an Intrapreneur and for what niches we receive most applications.

28 thoughts on “What is a Travel Intrapreneur (at Ventura TRAVEL)?

  1. Well going through this got me really excited so hats off to the person responsible of writing it. I am really interested in being a part of what you guys offering, problem is my tourism experience is limited to working as a receptionist for a couple years in Egypt back in 2007, other than that my CV is quite exciting and I promise who ever reads it to be impressed. So my question concerning the tourism management several years of experience part, is it really mandatory or you guys can ignore it based on other factors?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and thank you in advance for replying.

  2. Hello to all the creators of the new traveler’s worlds,
    You have touched my soul and tickled my spirit! I am in flames and need to cool down to write a concept that I can present to you all. For in my heart there are so many market ideas. Which leads me to a question: is it possible to create more than one baby markets?
    It is probably best to start off with the most realistic one, build that up and if capacity allows to continue from there? Would it be possible to be more brains to a fleet of markets?
    I appreciate your ideas to this picture. I am a very innovative person with a pool of future creations to pick from.

    Thank you for your thoughts.
    Love from Canada.

    • Hi Francis, I’m thrilled to see your excitement. Just one niche is possible though, for 2 reasons: a) the 1st niche will be a full time job already b) we really look for a people, that don’t have to think about which niche they are interested in, but rather someone who has this great passion for one travel niche already and has experience in it, so it’s clear to the applicant what niche market will be attacked.

  3. Hello Andre,
    The moment I read the post for the niche travel for food travel in specific, I thought that this could be a dream come true to me. I’m a food enthusiast and a travel freak. In my own time, and if I’m not traveling I create my own signature dishes, or just tweak on well known dishes around the world. However i’m not a chef, just a home chef that is passionate about traveling as well, in specific to explore new flavors and tastes. I Have been in the travel market for quite a while now, and haven’t really touched base with one company in our region which focuses on such a topic, which led me to start thinking seriously about it for my own, until i saw your post and couldn’t wait to start writing whats in my head for such a concept.
    I have already pitched my idea last night on the cover letter section of the application form and attached my resume as well.
    I really look forward to discuss this further and to actually make it happen.

  4. Hi Andre,

    Your concept is intriguing. Would you also consider a Team (i.e. 2 Partners) for a Venture?



  5. Hi Andre,
    Before submitting a full application, I noticed that you said “If in doubt, submit your idea and we take a look at it and give you fast feedback.” Who and where can we submit that to without it being confused as an incomplete or half-assed application submission?

    • Hi Katie, with this sentence we simply want to encourage people to fill out the form. We are fast in giving a feedback if you & your proposed travel niche is attractive to us. Best regards, Andre

  6. Hello Andre,
    I hope you’re doing fantastic! I just have a question regarding the location.
    As you mentioned you don’t expect me to build up a office in Berlin, and it could be any other location, does it literately mean “Any other location”? Or it has to be within Germany or South America? Is there certain boundary to that?

    • There is no rule around the location. We ask the intrapreneur where she/he would like to setup the office and the reasons for it. For example an office location in Thailand might make good sense for an Intrapreneur setting up a travel brand in South East Asia, while Bangkok as office location doesn’t make a good sense if the travel niche of the Intrapreneur would be wine tours in France…

  7. Your company concept is super exciting.
    I have already applied for the Iran’s market as it has a huge potential and I am Iranian and working there for me is much easier than many others.
    I really hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Hi there.
    Great article. I just wanted to know, if one does not get accepted in your company the first time- we all know that there are exceptional entrepreneurs around us: do you keep the CVs and contact us or do you advise to keep applying?
    Kind regards.

  9. Hello Andre, I would be interested as I work in the tourist industry in Chile for some years already, I have my very own big peace of paradise at the foot of the andes mountains where I work with people from all over the world doing tourism.. my only problem to apply is… my english! I have learned english “just speaking with and hearing foreign people”.. I have no idea If my grammar is good or not and I do make mistakes when I speak. My german, on the other hand, is far better, as I studied there for many years… Would you recommend me to apply anyway?

  10. Hi, I think this is a great opportunity! However, I am just wondering about those who are really excited about this type of business but have no previous experience in tourism, do they still have the possibility to be admitted?. Please advice!

  11. Hi Andre – I recently discovered your company and I share your vision and ideals. Seeing the ventura intrapreneur position for Europe travels, I was wondering if you would be interested in a partnership opportunity whereby the travel company / brand I founded, successfully launched and validated this year – Romanian Friend (click on my name), would come under the ventura umbrella and continue to develop with your support. Let me know your thoughts.

    • HI Marius, yes, you are welcome to apply. In general we look for talented people not existing companies, but if you believe your idea has more chances to succeed within Ventura, then please apply.

  12. Hi Andre,
    my name is abike owner of abiky travels from Nigeria , first of all i will like to to congratulate you for introducing this program . i am a professional travel consultant with 10 years experience in the industry . currently working as a sub agent with a big travel agent in Nigeria(finch glow travel)
    i have submitted my cv on your web site for different positions but it as not been successful … i think this is a great opportunity to display my talent , i am good in tour packages in Africa and just recently we where in Dakar Senegal to visit gore island .
    i think you should just give me a chance to speak to you even if i dont get to work with your brand .

    • Hi Abike, thank you for your interest in working for us. We are happy you applied and will get back to you shortly. We get for this position around 100 applications a month, so I hope you understand that we reserve the right who we will talk to and who not to.

  13. Hello I have sent my application. I am erasmus students who have right to take erasmus grant for 3 months but you wrote the training program is for 6 months. if my school accept this and ı fit for the job. Would you accept this?

    • Actually we just look for candidates, that are interested to stay for us for several years. The difference to the normal Intrapreneur program only is, that we want to give the chance to highly talented people to launch their niche within Ventura TRAVEL without having had the work experience of 3 years in the niche.

  14. Hi Andre

    I recently discovered your company and yourself. I think we could work well together for sure. I have many ideas for many niches but haven’t quite found the correct path to go down. But maybe i have now! I have just applied now and hope to hear back. This could be very interesting!

    Warm regards

  15. Hi,

    If you talk about niche, fashion travel could be the best niche for current youth to attract, plus you can promote other brands by promoting other fashion brands along with traveling, which is called co-branding, then it makes a win-win situation for both brands. I have 2 more niche in my mind if you are interested feel free to discuss!

    Kind Regards
    Jagpreet Kaur

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