The Team


At ventura TRAVEL, we consider our most valuable assets to be our team, a group of motivated and authentic individuals who have their heart in the right place.The different characters, the common team spirit and the overall focus on achieving the company’s objectives are the reasons why our team is top notch. No obstacle is too high and no distance too far. At ventura TRAVEL, the sky's the limit.

We have currently more than 80 employees. You can find the complete team by reaching our respective brands’ team pages. Here’s a small insight into the ventura TRAVEL team! Welcome to our world.


Andre Kiwitz - CEO & Founder

andre printAuthentic travel & Entrepreneurship

Andre started the company during his studies in 2001 as viventura. He experienced tour operators offering boring trips throughout South America, without enabling the travelers to experience real South America. After founding the company in Germany, he moved to South America in late 2001 and lived for a total of 12 years in South America. Over the years, next to his passions for travel, South America and the Internet, a passion for Entrepreneurship and good leadership grew. As a consequence, he started Ventura TRAVEL in 2015 with a clear Vision: To empower talented tourism professionals with a strong passion for a travel niche and enable them to start their own brand within Ventura. This way the intrapreneurs could focus on what they are best in while getting the infrastructure from an established tour operator. In his private life, Andre enjoys spending time with his wife & son and loves to eat good ceviche.

Benno - Galapatours

Benno - Galapatours

A true South America Enthusiast

Benno has traveled all over Latin America. While traveling seems built into his DNA, his love for Central and South America started during his university studies. For a research job for his master's thesis, Benno moved to Cuba and subsequently traveled all through Central America, before ending up in Colombia and Ecuador. During his time as marketing manager for, he fell in love with the Galapagos Islands. Benno now works both from the Galapatours head office in Berlin and the beautiful archipelago in Ecuador.

Francesca - Japaventura

Francesca - Japaventura

Language freak in love with Japan

Francesca left her beloved hometown in Italy 10 years ago to explore the world and look for new adventures. Ever since, she has been living in many different cities, from Lisbon to Miami, from Kyoto to Berlin. Her great passion for people and cultures brought her to learn as many as 7 languages and to see almost 50 countries. While remaining strongly connected to her city in Tuscany, her heart beats for Japan, the place on earth she loves most. When not working on Japaventura, Francesca can be found in the best restaurants in town, practicing foreign languages and trying out some new food, possibly Japanese.

Reza- Persiaventura

Reza_1x1 (1) (1)

Adventure loving global citizen

Reza decided to explore the world on his own and leave his hometown in southern Sweden to embrace his passion for cultures, people and discovery across the planet. A humanitarian at heart; Reza couldn’t just sit back and witness the human tragedy that was taking place, therefore he embarked on a journey to volunteer in Lesvos at the peak of the humanitarian crisis in 2016. He's determined to fulfill his dream of building a sustainable school in the near future for underprivileged children. After having lived in Los Angeles, London and Stockholm, his Persian roots pulled him back in full circle to Tehran, where Persiaventura has been born. He passionately believes that the essence of Iran will not only be a rejuvenating and enriching experience but also deeply inspiring with moments that will forever stay in our hearts.

Rita - Chinaventura 

Rita_1x1 (1)Art-loving global citizen

Originally from Hong Kong and completed her first degree in HK, Beijing and South Africa, Rita decided to return to Beijing for work in 2015. She is fascinated by the diversity in this city - it accommodates people and culture from all over the country, and it's when Rita experienced the magic in Chinese culture. Afterward, she moved to beautiful Austria for further study in Innovation & Tourism. Rita joined the ventura team in Nov 2018 for the branch chinaventura which brings travelers to experience China. During weekends, she could be found in art exhibitions, cat cafes and markets.

Chrysanthi - Grekaventura


A restless spirit eternally in love with Greece

Being raised in a multicultural environment in Athens -with Italian and Greek-Egyptian roots- Chrysanthi soon discovered her passion for traveling and exploring the different cultures of our beautiful planet. After obtaining her M.Sc. in Tourism & Hospitality Management and having lived and worked in many different places, she currently decided to settle down in Berlin. Despite her love for this city, her heart is and will always be in Greece, her home. She knew it was time to give something back to her beloved country by showing people how powerful, enriching and life-changing traveling can be in such a small, yet influential and diverse country. Grekaventura was then born. Offering authentic and responsible travel experiences, Chrysanthi is inviting people to reveal the uniqueness of Greece through her own eyes and soul.

Sina - MiAventura 


German-British explorer

Sina was born with adventure in her blood. As a child, she was always climbing trees, running into the dunes or crawling into bushes to see what she could find. As a teenager, she spent a year in Peru and fell in love with backpacking and life on the road. Since then, she has travelled to most continents by herself. Her favourite travel experiences are when she meets local people and can share moments with them, like when a local student played her folk songs on the guitar at a remote temple in China. Sometimes, though, it´s fun to travel with others - that´s why Sina has created MiAventura, so that solo travellers like her can find like minded buddies to explore our wonderful world with.


Jonathan Rummel -  Data Scientist

Jonathan Rummel -  Data ScientistData enthusiast in love with craft beer

Jon hails from a small town in the desert state of Arizona. Originally raised as a cowboy, he has spent the last 5 years living and working across the world. He has followed his passion for travel and data across 4 continents and is constantly looking to expand his exposure to both. He joined ventura Travel in July 2018 and works to empower the vT brands and departments with vivid data insights. When not sinking deeper into the rabbit hole that is data analytics, Jon likes to spend time blogging about craft beers and the inspiring dreamers who make them.


Orlando Zambrano - Head of Digital Product 

Orlando 1x1Theater enthusiastic and travel lover

Orlando is a passionate worker that is always looking for new challenges. He is not comfortable being in a comfort zone. He works in Ventura Travel in the Berlin office and he wants to take Ventura Travel to its next level.


Maria Sole Manganiello - UX_UI Designer 

signal-attachment-2020-07-16-202806_003A good listener who is ready to jump in the user's shoes

Sole has always felt she was destined to thrive in an international environment which, along with her love for traveling, brought her to pursue her studies in foreign languages, in order to experience the authentic life of the places she visits. She discovered her passion for user experience while working in customer-facing roles. A firm believer in the fact that simplicity and beauty can go hand in hand, her mission is to make design more accessible and inclusive.

Gustavo  Cataño - IT Director 

Gustavo  Cataño - Technical Lead

IT geek with a contagious lust for life

Gustavo loves the world of software. Long before he finished his studies in System Engineering, he had participated in various projects related to process automatization in web environments. Gustavo has also occasionally lectured at Antioquia University in Colombia. Aside from all things IT-based, he likes sports and enjoys going to rock concerts. He spends much of his free time with his family.

Deyby Vasquez - Scrum Master

Deyby Vasquez - Scrum MasterFamily man with the entrepreneur vibe

Deyby is passionate about tech and entrepreneurship. He is always involved in projects combining the tech world, entrepreneurship, and teaching. He loves to spend time with his family. He tries to learn something new every day, with a bigger focus every 3 months. You’ll find him flying drones, reading or dancing in his free time.

Genesis Guerrero Martinez - IT Developer

Genesis Guerrero Martinez - IT DeveloperTotal geek

Genesis spent six years developing software for enterprises even before finishing his studies in System Engineering at the University of Magdalena (Santa Marta, Colombia). He's an open source enthusiast, python evangelist, and javascript lover. He also has experience as lead developer, freelancer, and startup co-founder. Genesis loves to drink craft beer with friends, to attend rock concerts and to discover new places to walk and eat.

Jose Echavez - IT Developer

Jose Echavez - IT DeveloperIT Enthusiastic

Jose was born in Mompos, Colombia before moving to Santa Marta to study and work as a systems engineer. He is a passionate software developer that has spent many years working in web and mobile development. He loves music and reading.

Abner Tellez - IT Developer


Enthusiastic Guatemalan Engineer and Travel Addict

Abner was born in Guatemala City in 1990. He always enjoyed IT topics and learn about new technologies, coding languages, architectures and a lot of crazy geek stuff, after he finished his studies in Guatemala, he moved to Taiwan in 2017, when he was living in Asia he discovered one of his real passions which is traveling around the world to make new friends, he truly enjoy visiting new places and learn about their culture and of course try local food, other hobbies that he has in his free time are learn more about clean code, self-motivation, best practices, and technology trends, and also enjoy playing video games and meet up with his friends for some beers.




Robin  Canela - Marketing Director 

Robin  Canela - Marketing Specialist

Scuba diver & travel addict

After his bachelor´s degree, Robin spent two years on the road discovering the beauty of this world through his own eyes. This inspired him to share his vision and his experiences through a green, responsible travel agency. Robin is often found underwater with his scuba diving tank, or on his bike climbing up mountains. Robin started his experience at Ventura TRAVEL as an intern and is now responsible for the Marketing Department.

Antonino Segreto aka Nino - SEO Specialist

Antonino Segreto aka Nino - SEO SpecialisBook-loving travel addict

Nino’s background is in Sustainable Tourism and Economics. A book-lover and travel addict, he has developed a great passion for the digital world in the past 6 years while working as a Digital Marketer for different Berlin start-ups. He now works at Ventura Travel as an SEO Specialist. His other interests include rock music, movies, and sociology.

Louis Poissant - SEA Specialist

Louis Poissant - SEA SpecialistAlways open to novelty

Specialist of performance marketing, he is a big fan of sports and gastronomy. After an MBA in Paris and first work experience in Berlin, he decided to move to Asia for several months and took Japanese classes to increase his immersion. In charge of performance marketing in the marketing department of Ventura Travel, he is able to combine two things he enjoys: numbers and writing.

Amelie Gerecke - Online Marketing Intern 


Passionate about interculturality

Amélie works as an intern in the Marketing Department of Ventura Travel for the French market. It is in the exchanges and the discovery of new cultures where she finds the meaning of her travels.

Johanna Schroeter - Trainee Brand Manager for Platforms  

Johanna 1x1

Peripatetic on the hunt for good stories

Johanna joined Ventura TRAVEL as part of the Marketing Team in Berlin and is responsible for the brand marketing of platforms. She is a creative storyteller always on the lookout for a new story to tell, a new photo to take and a new picture to paint. At Ventura she is able to combine her interest in travel with her passion for authentic experiences and sustainability.


Franziska Umlauft - Director of People, Culture & Collaboration

Franziska Umlauft - Director HR

Austria’s nature-loving Berliner by choice

Before and during her Tourism Management studies in Vienna, the born-and-bred Vorarlberger lived some time abroad and finally moved to Berlin in 2010 where she settled down. In her spare time, she loves to travel and to hike, whether it’s mountains, volcanoes or simply the nature in her home country. Since she returned from her sabbatical in Latin America in 2013, she is happy to be part of the ventura team.

Marcia Sánchez - Coordinator of People, Culture & Collaboration

Marcia Sánchez - HR Coordinator

Passion for travelling and discovering new cultures

Marcia loves working with people and found her passion working in Human Resources. In her spare time, she loves to travel and feels the happiest when she can get to know a new country, a new culture and new people.

Ana Maria Caceres - Coordinator of People, Culture & Collaboration

ANa (1)

Family, friends and chocolate

Born in Medellin, raised in Bogota and Santa Marta. Ana is the HR coordinator for our office in Medellin. She has been an entrepreneur for most of her working life. She has a communication degree and her passion is to help others. She enjoys traveling to tropical places and loves the Caribbean. She is very family orientated and enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She enjoys cooking all kinds of food and watching movies. Dark chocolate, wine, and coffee are always welcome.  

Rodrigo Macedo - AR Accountant


Adventurer & Entrepreneur

Rodrigo is a 22 years old-student from Lima, Peru, likes to meet new people around the world and also likes new adventures. For example one day he decided to travel but he didn' know where and he found a 15 euros airplane ticket to Marrakech so he went there without making any reservations and plans. He believes that the best travels are the one that takes untraced roads because that leads to adventure. He works in the finance department as a finance intern and he always says that the most important assets in a company is people and a good purpose

Gabriela  Palma - Accountant Expert South America

Gabriela  Palma - Accountant Assistant

Responsible and punctual

Gabriela lives in Cuzco, Peru. She graduated from a private university in Australia 3 years ago. After graduation, Gabriela worked in an accounting firm and is now an accounting assistant at Ventura TRAVEL. Active and responsible, Gabriela loves teamwork and cooperation! When it comes to her, one thing is certain: the job will be well done. She hopes to contribute to the smooth running of Ventura TRAVEL.

Susana Ceron Baumann - VSocial Coordinator & CSR Manager of Ventura TRAVEL

Susana Ceron Baumann - VSocial Coordinator & CSR Manager of Ventura TRAVELFeel the Ground, Touch the Sky

Voluntary social commitment and working in the tourism industry are her two great passions. She has been working in tourism since 2000 and holds a degree in Tourism Business Administration (BA). For 5 years she volunteered in homeless relief work in Berlin. Over the years she has also been involved in various international projects, including a soup kitchen for the poor in New York. Since 2013 she has been coordinating a small project in Tamil Nadu India to provide access to education for 35 chaste girls. In 2015 she founded one of the largest voluntary initiatives in refugee aid in Berlin. She is very happy about her new responsibility at VSocial, because now she can finally live out her two great passions in one job. Apart from her work for VSocial she is the sustainability manager of Ventura TRAVEL.

Ifigenia Garita aka Ifi - Coordinator Central America

 Ifigenia Garita aka Ifi - Coordinator Central AmericaTraveling, Understanding, Helping Others

Ifgenia inherited her passion for the natural sciences from her mother and dedicated her studies to discovering the delicate and fascinating world of tropical biology. She combines her knowledge of natural science with a belief in the power of education to help preserve the natural wealth found in tropical forests.

Camilo Alvarado - Coordinator South America

Camilo Alvarado - Coordinator South AmericaAddicted to theater and to discovering new places

Camilo also enjoys sharing a good meal with good wine. He is the coordinator of ViSocial's social projects for South America. He worked for several years in the field of human rights and for local development projects in different regions of Colombia and Latin America. He is convinced that the combining of processes, networked work, and collaborative work can strengthen local processes and territorial autonomy. He has been part of ViSocial since August 2017.

Erick Feijóo - Tour Operations Manager


U.S.-born, Ecuadorian bred, Berliner by choice

Erick works from our Berlin office as Executive Director for Tour Operations, focusing mainly on our Latin American destinations. From a very early age, he's been fascinated by new languages and cultures, and he especially enjoys getting to know countries' politics and history. Erick's family is from Ecuador and Peru, and he previously worked on economic development issues across different Latin American countries. He joined ventura TRAVEL after working in Washington D.C., Germany, Belgium, and Costa Rica.




Ericka Ammurio - Flights Director

Ericka Amurrio_full

Passion for Flights

Ericka has a university degree in Tourism Management and an education in hotel Management and Gastronomy. She is a friendly, fun and open-minded person who enjoys learning new things. One of her great passions is traveling, she loves to get to know new people and cultures. She is especially enthusiastic when people come to Bolivia to discover it because she loves her country, her culture and the Bolivian way of life. Ericka is responsible for the Flights department at Ventura TRAVEL.

Stefan Kühn- Flights Specialist

stevie (1)

Committed to each occurrence

Stefan has been responsible for flights at Viventura since May 2005.
His last trip to Peru was in 2014. Especially the diversity of the country and the unique nature inspired him.

Cintia Frias - Flights Specialist


Cake and Sweets Lover

Cintia likes to read historical books or biographies of great people. She appreciates the peace and quiet at work, because at home with her children it is often noisy. She loves challenges and is usually a perfectionist in her job.

Isabel Sánchez - Flights Specialist

Maria Isabel Sanchez_full

Loves to Dance

Maria Isabel is a cheerful person who loves to travel, learn from different cultures and explore new places, especially when activities in the water are involved. She also enjoys volunteering and works once a month with a group of friends who are fans of the local football team Bolívar, visiting places such as retirement homes and public schools outside La Paz. They help with repairs and wherever help is needed. Although she enjoys these activities a lot, she loves dancing the most. She has been following this passion for almost 15 years and not only dances hip hop, jazz, and contemporary dances but is also a Zumba teacher.

Ana Llerena - Flights Specialist


Passionate Cook and Traveler

Ana works as a Flights Specialist in La Paz, Bolivia. She is very calm, hard-working and loves to help others. Life in harmony is very important to her. She is looking forward to learning at Ventura TRAVEL because for her every day is a great opportunity to learn from people, places, and experiences.

Adrian Uc - Flights Specialist


Music and Football Lover

Adrian is our Mexican with a great passion for football. With his headphones, he loves to walk around without a destination and he loves cinema and chocolate! During his 7 months in Europe he discovered his passion for new cultures. Helping people and being empathetic are his two pillars. For him, there is nothing more stable than movement. Adrian supports Ventura TRAVEL as a Flight Specialist and looks forward to learning new skills and developing existing ones.

Sandy Durán - Flights Specialist

resize Sandy

Love for Travel and Food Tasting

Sandy works in the field of tourism for more than 12 years, it is truly her vocation. She really loves to travel and meet new people, tasting delicious food and trying different tourism activities in new places. Also, she loves listening to music while she takes a walk, reading novels and especially spending time with her friends.