We act responsibly


CO2 compensation

Ventura TRAVEL ensures that its business activities are always in line with all ecological concerns. We are aware that tourism, as one of the world's largest service industries, is a significant contributor to climate change. We want to face up to our responsibilities and no longer pass them onto our customers. Therefore, we have decided to compensate our complete travel arrangements (flights, hotels, excursions, etc.) 100% through an international Gold Standard project for our customers. Through a CO2 compensation provider, which has been tested and certified by TÜV-Nord, we have acquired the CO2 certificates of a climate protection project in Chile for our customers. At the Santa Marta landfill in the south of Santiago de Chile, gases generated from waste are used to generate environmentally friendly energy. This saves around 348,000 metric tons of CO2 annually. We, of course, also compensate 100% of all of our flights for our business trips.

We respect Human Rights

Respect, esteem and equality are the cornerstones of Ventura TRAVEL. Respect for human rights in tourism is a major concern. We have been an active member of the Roundtable for Human Rights in Tourism for many years. We check, among other things, whether our partners comply with the statutory wage regulations and youth employment protection laws for example. We also support the campaign "Nicht wegsehen" ("Don't look away"), which aims to protect children in holiday destinations from sexual violence and exploitation.  

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VSocial Foundation

vSocial Foundation's first engagement already took place on the first viventura (Ventura TRAVEL brand) trips in 2001. In 2005 vSocial was officially registered. vSocial's vision is to make a positive change in the supported communities by encouraging people to benefit from authentic sustainable tourism. The aim is to strengthen the communities, preserve their cultural wealth and accompany them on their way to self-preservation. Ventura TRAVEL supports the vSocial Foundation annually with over €120,000. For this purpose, a donation of €25 is included in every tour price of our established brands viventura and puraventura. Passengers of these brands have the opportunity to visit several projects during their travels. For all new brands we are currently looking at opportunities to integrate vSocial projects into their itineraries. 


CSR Manager

As sustainability is important to us we have an internal specialist for this, our CSR Manager Susana. She is in charge of all the topics related to corporate social responsibility of Ventura TRAVEL and it's brands.


We work responsibly


We care for your staff

We set a high value on the respect of our employees. For example, salaries are regularly checked for fair payment. There is a "Fair Play - No Gossip policy" and a social fund for employees in need. We care about the health of our employees: depending on the office there are different offers like lunch, fresh fruits, massages, back training, etc. Special attention is also paid to the training and further education of employees. 


Ecological and social commitment

Ecological and social commitment is at the forefront of our actions. Since these aspects are important to us, we have anchored them in our contracts with our partners.  We generally conclude contracts on a long-term basis. In addition, our local partners are called upon to constantly expand their services with regard to social and ecological sustainability.

Further sustainability aspects of our business activities

As a pure online travel organizer, we do not print catalogues. Our motto is: "Act green & keep it on the screen". All of our offices try to avoid printing on paper as much as possible. Recycled paper is our standard. All offices attach great importance to recycling, so that in all offices various recycling containers are set up. In addition, each office organizes environmental campaigns in its own country and pays attention to environmentally friendly work in the offices.


We travel responsibly


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Sustainability Award Fairwärts 

Viventura, the South American specialist of Ventura TRAVEL, is the proud winner of the sustainability award Fairwärts with its trip "viActive Ecuador Galapagos". The trip was awarded as an innovative and sustainable travel offer, focusing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030. The award is organized by the non-profit organization kate Environment & Development in cooperation with Tourcert. The project is supported by Engagement Global on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Sustainable travel planning

Through sustainable travel planning, we try to avoid domestic flights as far as possible on our trips. In addition, the majority of our trips have a minimum duration of 14 days and the group size is limited to a maximum of 15 participants. The customers stay overnight predominantly in family middle-class hotels. Travellers and locals are informed about environmental protection measures. For departures from Frankfurt, Rail&Fly is a free environmentally friendly service. Local tour guides receive annual training on topics such as country knowledge, first aid training, environmental protection and social commitment.

Tourcert - sustainability certification

As a sustainable tour operator, we are certified by Tourcert and undergo a detailed review of all business areas every 2 years. TourCert gGmbH is a non-profit organization for certifications in tourism and has set itself the task of promoting ecological, social and economic corporate responsibility in tourism.

Member of the association "Forum Anders Reisen"

The Forum Anders Reisen e.V. is an association of travel companies that are committed to sustainable tourism. The travel experiences offered by their members are oriented towards people and environment, use local resources carefully and purposefully and treat foreign cultures with respect. The forum anders reisen was founded in 1998 and has around 130 members.


Questions, comments or ideas?

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Do you have any questions, comments or ideas on the above topics? 
I am Susana Cerón Baumann, the CSR Manager of Ventura TRAVEL, and happy hearing from you. 
Just write me an e-mail to susana@venturatravel.org