About Ventura TRAVEL

Ventura TRAVEL is a group of specialized brands offering high quality trips in different touristic niches. As part of our organization, we have diverse brands, some of which have been successfully operating in the tourism field for more than 15 years. Currently we have viventura, a leading tour operator specialized in South America and puraventura, a new venture specialized in Central America. In the future the perspective is to add other destinations to our network.

Our calling is to be a parent enterprise for intrepreneurial business ideas. Ventura TRAVEL was established to support tourism intrepreneurs through investments and help them develop the best products and value for money in their niche market.

viventura is highly specialized in South America tours, while puraventura concentrates on Central America only.  By operating independently within the Ventura TRAVEL network, they act as global benchmarks in their own specific market.


Several Ventura TRAVEL departments, such as Finance&Legal Affairs, Marketing and IT provide services for all our sub-brands. This concept enables us to compete with big international operating companies while all of our sub companies focus on being competitive in their own niche.

viventura is Germany’s leading tour operator specialized in eco-friendly, sustainable trips to South America, offering innovative and high quality tours for fair prices. We have been operating since 2001 with the aim to unite responsible tourism and authentic travel experiences in the countries visited by our clients. Our head office is in Berlin, Germany, however we have local offices in South America, which guarantees our clients benefit from unique experiences, fully organized trips, original routes and great prices.


puraventura has been offering responsible tours to Central America since 2015. Currently, we only cater to French speaking customers, although our plans to expand to other languages are already in motion. Authentic travel experiences on well organized trips with a top price-performance-rate are a big benefit for our clients. Our main office is in Merida, Mexico.


Ventura TRAVEL’s head office is in Berlin, Germany. The members working there take care of all the across company and international issues concerning our brands. Ventura TRAVEL was founded in order to give creative people the possibility to build up and lead a new company focused on creating authentic and responsible travel experiences for our clients.


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We want to build up new destinations step by step with people immersed in intrepreneurial thinking and interested in our philosophy. We offer the possibility to create a successful company operating in a niche market. We support you with our whole intrepreneurial knowledge.

Our mission is “Empowering entrepreneurs to succeed in travel”.
Do you want to become a part of our international vision?
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