Ventura TRAVEL is a group of specialized brands offering high quality trips in different touristic niches.

Ventura TRAVEL is, at its heart, a company seeking to help make the travel industry more responsible, more sustainable and more rewarding for every traveler.

For that we empower travel intrapreneurs in niche markets to develop their businesses with guidance, investment and technical support from our experienced Legal, Financial, IT, Design, Data and Marketing teams. This allows them to stay focused on what they do best: develop responsible trips that people love.


Currently our biggest brand is viventura, which has been a leading tour operator in South America for over 16 years. Alongside this we have puraventura, which is specialized in Central America. We also have our first online portal, Galapatours, which offers sustainable cruises around the Galapagos islands. As we grow, we hope to offer specialized tours all over the globe with ambitious, knowledgeable intrapreneurs being at the heart of our business.


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viventura is Germany’s leading tour operator specialized in eco-friendly, sustainable trips to South America. We have been offering innovative, high quality tours for fair prices since 2001. Aiming to join together responsible tourism and authentic travel in the countries visited by our clients, our head office is in Berlin while our local offices in South America ensure our clients benefit from unique experiences, fully organized trips and great prices.



puraventura has been offering authentic, responsible travel experiences in Central America since 2015. Our tours are currently in French and German. Top price-performance-rate is a big benefit for our clients. Our main office is in Merida, Mexico.


Galapatours is an online booking portal for cruises on the Galapagos Islands. The only portal worldwide with a information on all ships and their travelling dates provides an unparalleled, personalised service of ship comparison. Its team members all know the Galapagos Islands and all ships personally and will gladly assist you with any question you have about your dream holiday.



Japaventura is one of the the latest emerging brands in the Ventura TRAVEL family, offering authentic, innovative and sustainable travel experiences in Japan. We want our customers to enjoy the beauty of the country while living unique and unforgettable adventures. Including the main highlights of the country, our tours go one step further in discovering the diverse culture, scenery, and people of Japan.



Innoventura  is specialised in Executive Travel to the heart of innovation.
We organise Learning Expeditions for groups of executives, bringing them to the most inspiring innovation centers of the world and offering them exclusive access to cutting edge innovation in their field. Come meet impressive startups and discover behind the scenes of the most successful companies in the world.



Ventura TRAVEL’s head office is in Berlin, Germany. The members working there offer support to all the brands under the Ventura TRAVEL umbrella. Ventura TRAVEL was founded in order to give creative, ambitious people the possibility to build up and lead a new company focused on creating authentic and responsible travel experiences for our clients.




We want to build up new destinations step by step with people interested in our philosophy. We offer passionate intrapreneurs the opportunity to prosper in a supportive intrepreneurial space.

One mission: Empowering intrapreneurs to succeed in travel.

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