Which kind of specialized travel brands will we start?

This article wants to address the following questions:

  • What niche brands is Ventura TRAVEL open to?
  • What kind of travel niches exist?
  • How can I find the right travel niche for me?
  • What source markets can be addressed?

What Niche Brands is Ventura TRAVEL open to?

We see our role in supporting you, with your idea, so that your travel niche becomes a success, that we achieve together as a team. So, it's ideal for us, that the knowledge and the technology, that we have is compatible with your idea.

Our software (both front- and backend) is optimized for multi day & multi destination trips. So if you plan to offer services that go to various places, our software will be compatible, and we quickly can launch the new brand. If your proposed travel niche is to offer yoga classes in a finca in southern Spain, then our software and knowledge is not much of help.

We are also building an infrastructure for platforms. So far galapatours.com is our only niche platform. We plan to launch more of these specialized platforms in the future. So if your idea is a platform, please apply!




What kind of addressable travel niches exist?

Destination Niches

Most of our existing brands are destination niches. As of today (January 2021) we cover the following destinations: South America (viventura), Central America (puraventura), Japan (japaventura), Iran (persiaventura), China (chinaventura), Greece (grekaventura). There are many other destinations, where we think that opening a new brand may be a good idea. Here are some examples (you can also apply for other destinations though!):

  • Southern Africa
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • South East Asia
  • North America
  • Eastern Africa
  • Mediterranean
  • Scandinavia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Arab World

Travel Type Niches

Do you have a passion for a certain way of traveling? Then this might be the niche you should propose. One existing brand is Allura Blue for the travel type Luxury Travel. Some possible ideas:

  • bicycle trips
  • electric bike trips
  • trekking trips
  • horse riding trips
  • train ride trips
  • self drive trips
  • motorcycle trips
  • scavenger hunt trips
  • volunteer tourism
  • medical tourism
  • wellness/detox travel
  • wildlife travel

Specialized Travel Audience Brands

You want to offer trips specifically tailored for a certain audience & interest groups? Our first brand in this is MiAventura (trips for solo travelers between 30 and 45). Examples of this niche type include:

  • brand for family travel
  • brand for influencer travel (organize trips for and with influencers, where the influencer takes a group of their followers to a retreat or along a trip)
  • brand for university trips
  • brand for student travel
  • brand for Executive travel (trip with coaches & learning events)
  • brand specialized in private group trips
  • brand specialized in trips for the LGBT community
  • brand specialized in religious travel
  • brand with trips for fitness lovers
  • brand for trips for people with a handicap
  • brand for trips for elderly people in need of care
  • brand for photography trips
  • brand specialized in organization of company retreats
  • brand for wedding / honeymoon trips
  • brand for marathon trips
  • etc

Platform Niches

Most of our present brands are destination niches, but we started our first platform niche in 2017: galapatours.com, followed by fairtrips.com and polartours.com. Other possible niches include:

  • Sailing cruises
  • Inca trail trips
  • Digital Detox retreats
  • Sport retreats (fitness, boxing etc.)
  • etc.

Other Niches

You can also be creative and propose new travel niches. For example, it would be possible to launch a brand that addresses selling trips through travel agencies. Another idea we would like to share with you: 11trips.com, a website limited to eleven, well-researched trips with limited availability. So, we are open to other suggestions, as long as we believe we can help you succeed with your idea.


Even before we had our first clients traveling with us, we already helped local projects, as we believe that tourism needs to be a business, where all stakeholders win. So far, we have one foundation which is focused on CBT Tourism. We are also open for other foundation ideas, that we can sponsor and support.


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