Daily Life at Ventura TRAVEL and its brands

Apart from creating sustainable and authentic travels throughout our different destinations, it's the values that all our brands and Ventura TRAVEL have in common. Each brand has defined their own values according to their destinations, but all of them are aligned with the core values of Ventura TRAVEL - Fun, Fair & Focus. In this blog post, we would like to share a bit with you how we live up to those values in our daily lives and especially on the day dedicated to those values, our Fun, Fair & Focus-Days.

Fun Day

On our "Fun Days" we completely forget about work-life and just concentrate on enjoying ourselves, get to know each other better and do something different out of the office. These are some examples of the events we attended as a team last quarter:

  • Berlin: Wine tasting at NOER, BBQ at the Canal
  • La Paz: Party with the IT-Office in Medellin during the Flying Office (La Paz Office working from Medellin for 2 weeks)
  • Medellin: Go-Karting
  • Merida: BBQ in the Office Garden, Kayaking, Bike-Ride
  • Quito: Visit to Local Cacao Producers
  • Cuzco: Visit to Spa



Fair Day

The mission of our "Fair Days" is helping people or associations in need, preferably in our neighborhood. Here is a list of some examples of the last "Fair Days" we did all over our offices:

  • Berlin: Helping gardening at the "AIDS Haus", a residency for people with the HIV-Virus where they also run a restaurant.
  • La Paz: Teaching recycling to orphan children's house "Luz de Esperanza"  
  • Quito: Support in different vSocial projects 
  • Merida: Visit to Mucuyche project
  • Cuzco: Supporting the Social project Cajapucara
  • Medellin: Cleaning a town street



Focus Day
On our focus day, which is introduced very freshly, we want to concentrate the power of our individual vMembers to move something big. We started doing this in 2019 in our headquarter in Berlin. We moved to our new office in summer 2018 and plenty of things were still to be improved. In order to do so we focused on the Berlin Office for 4 hours last March. For the second quarter we made a company wide Focus-Day where the website was tested for errors and even though the participation is on a voluntary basis almost everyone was part of it and it's great to see how much can be achieved in little time if everyone contributes a bit of their time.