“Creating niche market leaders in authentic & responsible travel.”


“Empowering intrapreneurs to succeed in travel”

Core Values

Fun – Fair – Focused

Fun One of our main goals in that all the people involved enjoy their work, are excited to come to the office and leave with a smile on their faces at the end of the day. Having fun at work is the basis for our success and it is a crucial factor for us.

Fair Another important cornerstone in our company is fair treatment amongst each other. This refers not only to relationships amongst employees but also applies to the relationships with our guests, business partners, and local communities. We guarantee sustainable organized trips that were fairly negotiated with our service partners. Each employee is also participating fairly in the company’s success.

Focused Each of our mono brands is specialized in a particular niche and a certain product. This specialization allows us to offer exclusive know-how and service to our customers, and thus represents a significant competitive advantage. This focus permeates the entire company, every employee is focused on his or her daily work and on the tasks and milestones that are important for the joint achievement of corporate objectives.