// Last update:  21th June 2021 //


On this page, we publish general information that applies to all our travel brands. This page is updated regularly. In addition, we recommend that you read specific information on the websites of the travel brands you have booked or intend to book with.


The safety of our customers is our highest priority!


Therefore, with a heavy heart, we have decided to cancel

all Ventura TRAVEL departures until at least  August 31th, 2021 with the exception of the brands Grekaventura,  Viventura and Galapatours.


We are contacting all affected customers in this situation to individually review how we can best find a mutual solution and make your travel dreams come true in the future. We would like to thank all customers who have so far decided to rebook their travel to a later date.


What will happen to trips taking place on or after 31th of August, 2021?

We are currently planning to operate these trips. We are monitoring the situation closely and are in constant contact with the airlines, our local partners and government authorities. We will update this page as soon as we make the decision that we cannot conduct these trips.


It is important for us to respect our customers' right to travel to their desired destination. Therefore, we do not cancel trips until we can reliably assess the situation and feasibility. We make every effort to personally notify our travelers with an existing reservation of our decision no later than 45 days prior to departure.


For travel on or after August 31, 2021, we will not collect final payments until we are certain we can make the trip. Therefore, until further notice, our customers have no obligation to settle any outstanding balance payments for travel after this date.

Cancellation and rebooking options

If you decide to cancel your booking, our cancellation fees as defined in the T&C will be applied. If we have to cancel your trip due to Covid restrictions, you will get a full refund of your payment and we will cancel your reservation at no charge. In this case, you also always have the option to rebook your trip to a future travel date.


Carefree and flexible travel


To make sure that you feel well taken care of during this time with us, we offer you various options so that you are flexible with your travel booking and can look forward to your trip carefree and safely.
If you have any questions or if you are not sure about any points, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Q: Can I travel abroad at all according to the current status?

    A:  Currently, the entry requirements for each country are quite different and change frequently. As soon as the COVID-19 travel warnings are lifted, our partners on site give the green light, and we are sure trips can be run out without constraints, we will carry out our varied portfolio of trips again. Your safety is our first priority.

  • Q: Is it really safe to book now?

    A: We of course understand your worries. Since the health and safety of our customers is the most important concern, we will only offer trips to destinations which are ready to welcome travelers with open arms. This includes all health and safety standards are met, set by local and national authorities. Further, we constantly check the situation with our local partners on side in order to assure a relaxed and exciting vacation.

  • Q: What are the travel conditions on site and to enter the country?

    A: This depends on the country you would like to travel to. Entry requirements vary from country to country, therefore there is no general answer to this question. If you are planning to book a trip, please contact us, and we will inform you about the current status and what is needed to participate in your desired trip.

  • Q: What happens if vaccination against Corona is mandatory for my trip?

    A: When you are planning to book a trip, you will find all current entry requirements for your selected trip on our Website. If you are unsure, you can of course always get in contact with us, and we will explain what is necessary to participate in the trip. If you already booked a trip with us and the entry requirements change, we will get in contact with you and explain the new situation. If for example vaccination against Corona becomes mandatory due to airline regulations or to enter a destination and you are not able to get vaccinated in time, there are different options which we will offer you, such as rebooking or canceling the trip.

  • Q: What options do I have if I do not want to go on my booked trip?

A: The safety and health of our customers are our number 1 priority -- we would never let our customers travel if there were strong evidence that it is not safe to do so. Therefore, we are in constant exchange with our partners on the ground and the relevant authorities.

Rebooking: If your trip has not been canceled, you can rebook for an additional small fee. This means rebook the same trip on a different travel date or opt for a different trip with our sister brands. 

Canceling the trip: If your trip has not been canceled, it is at any time possible to withdraw from the contract and cancel the trip in accordance with the cancellation fees set forth in our Terms and Conditions

If your trip was canceled, depending on your selected fare, you can rebook the same trip with a different date, decide to book another trip from our broad portfolio or get back your down payment .


  • Q: What happens to my deposit if my trip is canceled?

    A: If we have to cancel a trip, we will get into contact with each customer and explain the situation. Depending on your selected fare, there are basically two choices:

1.) rebook to another trip without costs

2.) deposit is paid back 

  • Q: Is my money safe?

    A: The current circumstances are unprecedented, and we of course understand your concerns. You should not worry - you and your trip are in safe hands. We are also covered for bad economic times, so we will always be in a position to safeguard your investment in your desired trip. Further, a "Sicherungsschein" (risk coverage certificate) guarantees, that your money has been secured by credit institutions or insurance companies in case of bankruptcy. 

  • Q: What happens with my voucher in case of insolvency?

A: Our travel credit has double financial backing: by our own insurance and by the German Government. In case we ever had to face such a situation, we would first determine the amount of all outstanding payments to be transferred to our customers, and then our insurance would handle the process directly. The German Government plays a role in case additional financing is necessary to cover all these customer payments.

  • Q: What happens if I have to quarantine at the destination?

A: This question is still unresolved in court. The German Infection Protection Act stipulates that the authority that orders a quarantine must always pay the quarantine costs. Since this is seen differently by other countries, it is important to recheck this with the health/travel insurance.

  • Q: Where can I find more official information?

    A: More information on travel safety and the COVID-19 virus developments can be found on these official websites below. For further information please check the corresponding websites of your home country.



We once again would like to thank our customers for their understanding. Your support has been overwhelming and gives us the necessary strength to get through these difficult times. On behalf of our tour guides, partners, and employees, we say: THANK YOU!