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How we work in Marketing - The Marketing Manifesto

Here at Ventura TRAVEL we strongly believe in our core values: Fun Fair Focused (FFF)
That is why especially in Marketing we apply these values in form of our Marketing Manifesto.

A special thanks goes out to our former Marketing Director Clara, who developed this idea together with our CEO André Kiwitz.

We believe in the importance of communication. We want our customers to get not only to know our products, but to share the ideas and values behind them. Each and everyone of our customers should be as satisfied with our products as we are.  We are continuously trying to discover better ways of creating value for our customers through new approaches to marketing and this is how we do it:

1. Impact

Dream big and create the biggest impact possible on our mission and goals.

2. Simple over perfect

We don't search for perfect solutions. We prefer easy and simple solutions rather than solutions that work perfect, but are very complicated.

3. Quality over quantity

We rather do fewer things, but do them well.

4. Execution over ideas

The best ideas don't matter when they're not realized. It's the execution of ideas from planning to review that matters.

5. Knowledge never sleeps

We love to be innovative! As things change fast in marketing, we will constantly improve the knowledge that fits our responsibilities and ensure our strategies are up-to-date.

6. Empathy and happiness

Good vibes at all times! We think, behave and communicate positively. We don’t put obstacles in our or our customers ways, but ask the right questions when needed. We express needs rather than frustrations. We design a happy experience for our users.

7.   Stronger together

We are all aware, that we are part of a big team. Therefore, we efficiently communicate to all people involved. We exchange and share the knowledge we gain and involve others as early as possible. When a decision has been taken we respect it and don’t ride alone. We help others even if they didn’t ask for it.

8.  Win winners and lose losers

Instead of putting energy into showing that losers are winners, losers once proven unsuccessful (bad campaigns, bad partners or ideas that finally didn’t turn out great) need to be replaced by winners.

9. Data baby!

Our decisions are data-driven and not data-justified. If data don’t exist, we make sure we start to collect it!


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