The Team


The most  valuable asset and the heart of Ventura TRAVEL is our team of motivated and authentic people who have their hearts in the right place. The different characters, the common team spirit and the overall focus on achieving the company’s objectives are the reasons why the Ventura TRAVEL team is a real power team. No obstacle is too high and no distance is too far. All challenges are faced together and everyone can count on the support of his o her colleagues.

Ventura Travel currently has more than 70 employees. On the respective homepages you can find the complete viventura or puraventura team.

Here is a small insight into the Ventura TRAVEL Team.

Welcome to the world of Ventura TRAVEL!

Andre Kiwitz – CEO & Founder

Andre kleiner.jpgSouth America Enthusiast

Andre began the project viventura after long preparations in September 2001. He headed to South America to lead the viventura head office and to build an extensive network of viventura partner offices. In 2012 he returned to our European head office in Berlin, where he is working on achieving viventuras vision, offering viventura clients unique, individual travel experiences and at the same time supporting the visited communities is still his main focus. Apart from viventura he is co-founder of viSozial and keeps being a very active member of the foundation.

Gustavo Cataño – CTO

IT geek with contagious lust for life

He loves the world of software. Long before he finished his system engineer studies he had participated in various software projects related to process automatization in web environments. He has also been an occasional lecturer at Antioquia University. He likes sports and enjoys going to rock concerts. He spends much of his free time with his girlfriend and family.


Alejandro Monges – CFO

Messi and mate fan

He enjoys playing football in the parks through the city of Berlin as well as drinking some mate, which always remembers him of the pampas where he grew up. Originally he is from Buenos Aires but since 2004 he lives in Berlin. After his studies and some work experiences he started to support Ventura TRAVEL in the finance area. In 2011 he became father of two beautiful girls. The twins Clara and Elena, while preventing him from sleep they also give him a lot of happiness.

Jorge Daniel Giraldo – UX/UI Designer

Passion for design and music

Daniel has worked for 7 years in digital strategy agencies, 3 years working to UX approaches, UI design and AI. He likes art and technology, pen and paper, typography, 3d, photo compositing, video, art direction, things made with concept and passion. On the other hand he is interested in music production , playing synthesizer and get to know new places.

Franziska Umlauft – Director HR

Austria’s nature-loving neo-Berliner

Before and during her Tourism Management studies in Vienna the born-and-bred Vorarlberger spent much time in a Spanish speaking country, where she wrote her thesis about sustainable tourism. In her spare time she loves to travel and to climb all mountains and volcanoes in the world, or simply enjoy hiking in her home country’s nature. After her return from a break in Latin America, she supports the viventura office in Berlin since April 2013.

Clara Beniac – Chief Marketing Officer

Art lover

Clara is passionate about art and comes originally from Lille in France. In the past few years  her interest in art and her desire to discover new cultures made her to travel throughout many continents. Her next stop? Buenos Aires in Argentina, where she wants to use the dynamism to further explore her creativity! Her sparkling interest in business helps her particularly in building successful marketing strategies. Since 2013, she is thrilled to work at the marketing team of Ventura TRAVEL.

Robin Canela – Marketing Specialist

Scuba diver & travel addicted

After his bachelor´s degree, Robin spent two years on the road discovering the beauty of this world through his own eyes, which inspired him to share his vision and his experiences through a green and responsible travel agency. You can find him underwater with his scuba diving tank or in a bar listening some gypsy jazz music. Robin also loves reading and fell in love with South America through authors such as Coelho, Garcia Marquez and Neruda.

Robin Dreger – Marketing Specialist

Mexican heart – German head

During his time as a working student in southern Germany, Robin spent all his holidays in Latin American countries. He fell in love with the people, language, music and food. After his graduation he decided to live and work in Mexico City for half a year. He was about to stay, but yet with new recipes & dance steps he came back to Germany. Now he is a member of the Ventura TRAVEL marketing team and is looking forward to new challenges.